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The History of Swimming, by Kim Powers, #46-1

No More Secrets, by John & Patricia Gallagher, #21-1

I Am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help, by Xavier Amador, #1-1 & #1-2

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson, #7-1

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (Workbook), by Richard Carlson, #7-2

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid, by Gina Gallagher, #20-1

Common & Uncommon School Problems, by David Gross, #27-1

Stuck in Time, by Lee Gutkind, #28-1

The Lost Boy, by Dave Pelzer, #44-1

How Children Become Violent, by Kathryn Seifert, #48-1

Rickie, by Frederic Flach, #17-1

Divided Minds, by Pamela Spiro Wagner, #52-1

Strength for His People, by Pastor Steven Waterhouse, #54-1 & 54-2

Teens & Cults, by Larry Dumont, #15-1

When Acting Out Isn't Acting, by Lynne Weisberg, #55-1

Tough Love, by Phyllis & David York, #60-1

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